Modern 2k Pre-Registration

Modern 2k Pre-Registration


Guildpact Gaming Modern 2k Pre-Registration

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Guildpact Gaming Modern 2k Pre-Registration

When: March 23rd

Registration Start Time: 11am

Event Start Time: 12pm

Format: Modern

Player Cap: 100

Location: Holiday Inn at 2751 New Brunswick Rd Memphis, TN 38133

Please put your DCI number in the notes section.

This will be a competitive REL event, and the prize payout will be as follows:

1st $800 & GG points
2nd $400 & GG points
3-4th $200 & GG points
5-8th $100 & GG points
8th-16th GG points

GG points will be tallied at each of our events and at the end of the year the competitors with the highest points totals will be invited to a special event! Details will be posted on our website and Facebook page so keep watch for more information!

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