Infecting the Lotus Box Patreon Event

For my initial article for Guildpact Gaming, I wanted to write up a small deck primer on my Modern deck of choice, UG Infect. I will also include a tournament report for this last weekend’s Lotus Box Patreon event, where I managed to finish 5th.

Pioneer Nexus of Fate

Since my top 8 performance with Nexus of Fate at the Indianapolis Standard Classic at the beginning of 2019, I have been attempting to find the best shell for the deck.

Andy’s Nexus of Fate

While I believed Bant Nexus to be the best shell early in the format, the Simic Nexus deck coined by Ali Aintrazi became the more consistent flavor of the deck.

SCG Cleveland Classic Top 4 Report

My teammates and I often joke about my ability to choose the worst deck for the main event, but have the best choice for the classic tournament that is held the following day.


One of the topics that I have always been interested in has been the overall balance when it comes to not only fulfilling my competitive drive as a Magic player, but also fulfilling my dream of earning my doctorate in music.

The Rock an Underdog Story

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to take down the SCG Regional Championship in Knoxville, TN playing The Rock.