What is

Guildpact Gaming?

Our story begins in early 2018, with another Memphis based team: Team Arena. Team Arena was a group of friends who wanted to be taken slightly more seriously in the local competitive MTG scene, so they adopted a team name and jerseys and started showing up to events. Despite existing for some time, the team seemed to hit a plateau. Different goals from team members as well as varying skill levels and dedication to the game meant there was very little room to grow. That is until 2018, when an influx of competitive players from as far as Baltimore and as close as neighboring Arkansas gave some members of Team Arena the idea that they could be something more. After some roster changes and a name and look overhaul, Guildpact Gaming was born.

Here was a group of like-minded competitors from the mid-south, a region of the country not particularly well known for high-level magic competition, all with the same goals: To strengthen their local MTG communities, to play high level MTG, and to show the world that they could play with the best. Within a year, every PPTQ, IQ, Open, and GP for miles would have that Guildpact Gaming jersey showing up in top 16s, top 8s, and trophy pictures. Guildpact Gaming took their opportunity to make a name for themselves and ran with it, becoming the premier competitive MTG team of the mid-south in a matter of months. But this was only the beginning…



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