Stephen Dial – SCG IQ  – Izzet Phoenix


Round 1 – Sultai Mill – Win
Game 1: For double Archive Trap on turn 3 and I see no Arclight Phoenix‘s and that was enough for him to be able to finish off my library before I could kill him.
Game 2: I won game 2 due to opponent milling two Arclight Phoenix‘s and me being able to find the other 2 and kill him faster than he could mill me.
Game 3: Game 3 was as simple as resolve Thing in the Ice and flip it. He never found a removal spell and really struggled to get his lands going in general.

Round 2 – Titanshift – Win (Ryan)
Game 1: Won game 1 on the play with a nutty start of Thing in the Ice on two, flip on three with anArclight Phoenix and kill him on 4.
Game 2: Game 2 he killed combo killed me cleanly on turn 4 or 5 with next to no action from me.
Game 3: I had another ridiculous start involving Thing in the Ice and ended the game the turn before I would have been combo killed.

Round 3 – UW Control – Lose
Game 1: I lose a very long game one where I milled a few crackling drakes and he answered everything else to a point where Teferi, Hero of Dominaria ultimate plus colonnade finished me off.
Game 2: He got stuck on a two-land hand with island and FoR that I think he shouldn’t have kept and I killed him with a pair of birds and a drake.
Game 3: I get stuck on mana and an early rip shuts off my triple Arclight Phoenix hand from doing anything. He sticks a Jace, the Mindsculpter and begins fate sealing me until he finds aTeferi, Hero of Dominaria and an angel to close me out.

Round 4 – Jeskai Saheeli – Win
Game 1: Game one is a slaughter as I find triple Arclight Phoenix plus Thing in the Ice to close him out while he stumbled on finding anything to get going.
Game 2: I lose game two to Renegade Rallier and Scavenging Ooze beats because I found a drake too late and he was able to have triple flame slash for myThing in the Ice’s and hide behind double worship.
Game 3: Game 3 plays out a little strange. I have a turn 2 Thing in the Ice but can’t flip it too aggressively as he has a turn 1 Birds of Paradise, 2 Lotus Cobra, into fetch, into Lotus Cobra. His turn three is land, Scavenging Ooze and he eats my faithless looting. I untap with Surgical extraction, Gut shot, Lightning Bolt and a cantrip (I think it was Thought Scour). I tank for a bit to make sure I line this up to where I kill one Lotus Cobra, bounce the rest and cast Surgical Extraction to rip cards from his hand. I chose a less effective line that involved Lightning Bolt targeting Cobra, then cantrip, then Gut Shot target my opponent, followed by Surgical Extraction targeting the Cobra in the ‘Yard which flipped theThing in the Ice and let me eat his Cobras for good. I should have bolted the Scavenging Ooze, then Gut shot the cobra, cantrip, then surgical to make sure I also remove the Ooze from being able to block next turn. He plays a few blockers but ultimately I find a Drake and end his misery.

Round 5 – UW Control – Win
Game 1: My opponent sees a turn two RIP which cuts me off half of my plan. I stick a turn 4 Crackling Drake that survives until I untap and I’m able to dodge removal and go the distance with it.
Game 2: He sees a Terminus after a pair of drakes are on the battlefield to set me back long enough to find permanent answers and I never see birds.
Game 3:
Ends up being a long game where I see few threats but he sees few lands. I work him down to one card and the Turn my Ral is about to ult, he finds a celestial purge leaving me a drake and an Arclight Phoenix. I have lethal attacks already if my drake survives but I fear a Path or Oust may be in his hand but I have a second Crackling Drake in hand. I draw maximize velocity for turn. Cast Drake drawing me a cantrip then proceed to cast cantrip, Velocity, jumpstart Velocity pitch Arclight Phoenix, swing for 53.

Round 6 – Rock (Sean) – Win
Game 1: This is a win and in for me and a the first of two Sean would need to win. I take game one thanks to a flood of lands from Sean and a Crackling Drake that goes the distance.
Game 2: I think he kept a sketchy hand to let me take the match but he swears his hand was a close one regardless of his intent for me to win.

Round 7 – ID
ID, which was risky on my opponent’s part as there was a potential for the x-1-1 to win his match and push my opponent out of top 8. We were fortunate that Wade played gatekeeper flawlessly as his opponent proceeded to mulligan down to 2 cards in game 3 and get crushed by Primeval Titans.

Quarterfinals – Tron – Win
Game 1: I’m on the draw. My opponent goes turn one Sphere into turn 2 Sylvan Scrying to complete Tron for turn 3. My turn 1 was a Serum Visions followed by a TiTi on turn 2. My opponent does not have a threat on turn 3 and proceeds to cycle a few times and crack a Map for a second Tower. I untap to go land, Max Velocity, Max Velocity pitch Phoenix, Gut Shot opponent and attack for 12 leaving my opponent at 7 and I have Bolt, Bolt, Gut Shot left as my last 3 cards. He untaps plays tower and casts Ulamog to eat My Arclight Phoenix and my Awoken Horror. I think it was incorrect and he’s supposed to eat my Arclight Phoenix and a land, but it didn’t matter as he was dead on my untap.
Game 2: I stick an Alpine moon turn 2 and a Crackling Drake on turns 4 and 5 to kill him swiftly.

Semifinals – UW Control (Guy from Round 3)
Game 1: I crush him game 1 with an early pair of Arclight Phoenix’s that he couldn’t answer.
Game 2: I made a mistake and chose to Surgical Extraction the Path to exile over the Terminus when I have multiple threats on board. He miracles Terminus the following turn setting me back enough for him to kill me with Colonnade.
Game 3: Game 3 is a war of attrition as he manages my threats for several turns. I get him to 6 before he finds a Baneslayer and goes back to 11. I draw a land for two turns while he finds a Path for the bird to clear the way for his Baneslayer and Colonnade to kill me.

I didn’t play super perfect and could certainly use more time to tune my cantrip sequences and line selection. My first event with the deck and it went well considering it was a 73-man event and I likely could have made the finals if I Surgical the Terminus to make sure I’m not losing my board all at once or at least only to a Supreme Verdict which allows me to retrieve Arclight Phoenix and continue pressure. The deck is straight GAS and I look forward to playing around with the list.


Izzet Phoenix

// Lands (18)
Flooded Strand
Polluted Delta
Scalding Tarn
Steam Vents
Sulfur Falls

// Creatures (11)
Thing in the Ice
Arclight Phoenix
Crackling Drake

// Spells (31)
Faithless Looting
Gut Shot
Lightning Axe
Lightning Bolt
Maximize Velocity
Serum Visions
Thought Scour
Izzet Charm
// Sideboard (15)
Alpine Moon
Ceremonious Rejection
Spell Pierce
Surgical Extraction
Anger of the Gods
Ravenous Trap
Ral, Izzet Viceroy
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