Guildpact Gaming Modern 2K
Guildpact Gaming would like to announce our first of many great events in the Memphis area!
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Lessons From Standard Going Into Weekend 3
See how Riley thinks Standard will turn out going into the 3rd weekend of GRN Standard.
Achievements of Guildpact Gaming
We have a lot of achievements as a team. Below are a few that stand out. If you would like to see more along with more information, hit the All Achievements button.
  • 1st

    Jason Bryant

    SCG Regionals - Knoxville 2019
  • 7th

    Ryan Scott

    SCG Regionals - Dallas 2019
  • 2nd

    Sabastian Daniels

    SCG Dallas Standard Classic 2019
  • 9th

    Sabastian Daniels

    SCG Indy 2019
  • 2nd

    Andy Hakenewerth

    SCG Indy Standard Classic 2019
  • 8th

    KC Johnson, Chris K, Michael Byars

    SCG Vegas Team Open 2018
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